What can we do together?


CONFERENCES both in and outside the cannabis world are wonderful--educating large groups is one of my favorite things to do! Invite me to speak and you'll get an engaging presentation backed by up-to-the minute science and tailored specifically for your audience. Short on travel budget? Digital options are available too. Contact me to find the perfect fit for your event.

CORPORATE RETREATS are a special opportunity to engage and inspire your team. The cannabis world can be a stressful place; I can show you how to strengthen your corporate culture and communication by cultivating emotional intelligence. 

FESTIVALS & COMPETITIONS are more compelling when they are comprehensive. Round out your cannabis cultural event with educational content. My presentations topics have tended to reflect my career focus on cannabis' intersection with sexuality, parenthood, women's issues and social justice, but I also speak on optimization and branding. I'm also available to moderate panels and host events.



IDEATION, ROADMAPPING & DESIGN. The early stages of product development are the most fun but also the place where costly mistakes are most likely to be ingrained. The cannabis marketplace doesn't function like any other: its quasi-legality and stigma foster both bold and foolish ideas. Make sure yours are the former.

FORMULATION. Working with cannabinoid extractions presents unique challenges, even for experienced product development teams. Sourcing, determining complementary and/or contraindicated ingredients, sensory balancing, and label appeal are all just a little different in the cannabis world. I can help you optimize your formula and avoid costly interactions.

BRANDING. The cannabis space is an exciting and dynamic place, but that means demographics are an ever-changing target. I've been around long enough to know what resonates with the current--and upcoming--cannabis markets. Whether you are full spectrum or CBD-only, you need to speak the language of your ideal consumer.

BUDTENDER EDUCATION. Budtenders are your brand's first, and usually only, direct contact with the customer. They are a tremendous resource and often very knowledgeable, but the position also has a high turnover rate. Having worked as a medically-certified budtender for many years, I know the value consistent, ongoing education can have on your bottom line. Help your team give the customer advice they can trust. 

INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION. Feel overwhelmed when you visit the dispensary? Unsure how to tell if your CBD product is legitimate? I also offer personalized consultations to help you navigate the world of cannabis. I can teach you how to read a label, what questions to ask about the extraction process, and introduce you to value-aligned brands so you can buy with confidence.  



CORPORATE EDUCATION. Sometimes you only need a little help, an overview of the factors influencing the modern cannabis marketplace. My corporate workshops distill the cannabis plant's complicated history and science into accessible, actionable information. Great for established teams just moving into the cannabis space. 

SMALL GROUPS. Looking for cannabis education that's a little more casual & fun? I provide nonjudgemental, sex-positive education for social groups and private events. I can help you plan that cannabis spa weekend or couples retreat, too!

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. I have had the opportunity to work with educational and certifying organizations to develop short courses for CEUs. Professionals in the areas of human sexuality, medicine and mental health want to provide their clients with accurate, evidence-based information about cannabis, its uses and risks, and I'm honored to help.